My Story of Dual Citizenship in Dominican Republic

dual citizenship for second generation dominican's

My journey into dual citizenship in the Dominican Republic was a natural progression. Since childhood I had traveled the island frequently, even living there in my earlier years, starting out my school years on the island. As I grew older, I continued to travel to the Dominican Republic whether is was to visit family or simply take a break from my busy western lifestyle. But as I grew into my adulthood, I began to see the country through a different focal lens. I began to see opportunity that was rooted in a deep desire, a calling, to contribute to the progress of my homeland. 

 For many second generation Dominican's that find themselves traveling to the island often, drawn by the culture, the people, the food, dual citizenship is a real opportunity. The process of obtaining dual citizenship in the Dominican Republic has changed with the times and now it's easier, faster, and more affordable then it's ever been. My goal through sharing my journey into obtaining dual citizenship, tips, and best practices, is that you too see the benefits of contributing to the homeland by obtaining yours!